Congratulations to Tripwire Interactive and its Developers!

I just want to extend a big┬ácongratulations┬áto TWI and their developers on the day of their successful launch of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad! As we all know they have expelled an unfathomable amount of time and effort into creating this game for all of us to enjoy. Several years ago the Tripwire Team won the $1,000,000 contest “Make Something Unreal” with their (then a mod) Red Orchestra. Now after several years of hard work they are back with the second installment of the award winning World World 2 tactical shooter set on the eastern front.

Since the TWI studio is conveniently located in my hometown of Roswell Ga, I thought it fitting that as a long time fan of the series, I would offer to take some of the developers out for a drink to celebrate the launch of the game. Interestingly enough, I learned that they frequent a pub that I also indulge. I thought it might be fun to get the entire Red Orchestra community involved in the event, so I set up this simple site. Since the Tripwire team has always listened and created their game around suggestions from the gaming community, I feel it proper to offer a bit of thanks to them. If you would like to “buy a dev a drink” simply donate a couple bucks to my PayPal account, and when it comes time for the celebration, all the funds received will go to giving the developers a damn good night of free drinks!

I will openly record and display all funds received with screen shots and counters and create a list of those members who donate so they can be acknowledged. I will also snap a few photos of the event, (maybe sneak a video of the drunkeness) and post them up on both here and the TWI forums for all to enjoy. Lets give a small thanks to all the guys who have worked hard creating arguably the BEST World War 2 tactical shooter of all time!

So what are you waiting for?


(Since PayPal charges a fee even on donations, please send payment as a “gift” to “”)

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